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We strongly believe and work hard to continue success of our CSR Programs, which we have run since our inception and have continued to develop and adopt to changing needs.

We take individuals with very little or no commercial experience and train them into roles across our business. We have been very successful with this program with two thirds of our Senior Management Team and business leaders having started as Trainees.

Therefore, our CSR activity within the community focus on 2 elements, which we have proved, we understand: employment and employ-ability of young people.

We also sponsor small educational centers and assist them financially to be able to bear the financial responsibility in providing quality education with minimum possible cost to the needy.

We are also working with technical competent individuals and universities to let them use our existing ETP Plant to design and develop Technical Indigenous Capability for Zero-Discharge of water which can be recycled and re-used to minimize the use and waste of natural resources. Eventually these experiments will provide adequate learning to community and industry to minimize the environmental impact to environment and community that we operate in.

We also foster close ties with Bangladesh University of Textiles and local schools and encourage our employees and experts to get involved with workshops to assist with the development of employ-ability in students. We also offer internships, work placements and opportunities to enter into industry through interning with us first.