Esquire Knit Composite Ltd. has successfully established partnership with NARI project to source skilled machine operators

The NARI project (Nari means women in Bangla) aims to provide training, transitional housing, counselling and job placement services in garment factories to migrating poor and vulnerable women. About 10,800 will be recruited on a self-selection basis from 5 monga prone districts in northern Bangladesh. After screening the selected women will be given an orientation course so they can make an informal decision about beginning a new life in one of three Export Processing Zones (EPZs) in Dhaka, Karnaphuli or Ishwardi. They will be settled into newly built complexes, with transitional housing facilities at dormitories and training centers, giving them time to develop social networks and support systems. The training will allow women to enter factories as semi-skilled workers rather than unskilled workers. The trainees will also receive life fertility. The dormitories attached to the training center will accommodate 600 women for a transitional period of 6 months at a time. Finally the women will be recruited into garments factories at the EPZ through an employment bureau at each training center.

The objective of the Northern Areas Reduction of Poverty Initiative (NARI) Project for Bangladesh is to facilitate access to employment opportunities in the garment sector for poor and vulnerable women from lagging areas by providing information, technical and life skills training, transitional housing, and other support to adjust to urban life and formal sector employment. This will help to remove the disconnect with the timeline in the original project design and the current project implementation schedule (which is on track)


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